Advancing the Arts and Humanities Steering Committee

“Penn State will be a leader in the arts and humanities, utilizing them — along with the sciences and other disciplines — as agents of change in addressing complex global issues.”

2018 – 2019 Membership

Mark Ballora, Co-Chair
Professor of Music Technology, College of Arts and Architecture

Caroline Eckhardt, Co-Chair
Director of the School of Global Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal Chair in Literary Theory and Comparative Criticism, and Professor of Comparative Literature and English, College of the Liberal Arts

John Christman, Member
Director of the Humanities Institute and Professor of Philosophy, Political Science, and Women’s Studies, College of the Liberal Arts

Eric Corty, Member
Director of Humanities and Social Sciences, Penn State Behrend

Jose Guerrero, Member
Diversity Resident Librarian, Special Collections Library, University Libraries

Wanda Knight, Member
Associate Professor of Art Education, College of Arts and Architecture

Yvonne Love, Member
Art Program Chair and Assistant Professor of Art, Penn State Abington

Mark Morrisson, Member
Head, Department of English and Professor of English, College of the Liberal Arts
Assistant – Karen Davis:

Richard Page, Member
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of German and Linguistics, College of the Liberal Arts

Rebecca Strzelec, Member
Professor of Visual Arts, Penn State Altoona

Alison Parker, Resource Member
Office of Planning and Assessment