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Priorities for Excellence: The Penn State Strategic Plan 2009-10 through 2013-14

Goal 5: Serve the People of the Commonwealth and Beyond
Strategy 5.1: Deliver More PSU Programming Using Technology and Media

The costs of program service delivery from multiple geographic locations are becoming increasingly prohibitive in the face-to-face model. High-speed Internet access now exists across much of the Commonwealth. This is true even in many, but certainly not all, rural areas. Service users are becoming more and more familiar and comfortable with searching for information sources and availing themselves of that information when and where they need it. Penn State should shift even more of its information service delivery to an Internet-based format to the extent possible. In addition, Public Broadcasting represents a tremendous media resource for information delivery that should be utilized to the maximum extent possible.

If online education, Cooperative Extension, and blended learning are to be important avenues for reaching nontraditional, nonresident students and the general public, issues of Web accessibility for disabled individuals must also be resolved. The University does have guidelines in place (e.g., Administrative Policy AD-54) as well as coding tools and training and help for developers, but more progress is needed to make relevant Web materials accessible for instructional and outreach uses.

  • Vice President for Outreach—Primary
  • Vice Provost for Information Technology—Secondary
  • Academic Leadership Council
  • Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences