penn state mark
Student studying
  • Education is the foundation of an enlightened, productive, and prosperous society.
  • The best education produces knowledgeable, critical, creative, and ethical students.
  • The quality of the intellectual life of the University is fundamental to success.
  • The integration of teaching, research, and service enhances all three and the capacity of the University to serve the needs of communities—local, national, and global.
  • The dignity of all individuals is affirmed, equality of opportunity is pursued, and diversity is fostered.
  • Tradition is honored, innovation is embraced, and positive change is valued.
  • The efficient and effective use of limited University resources benefits everyone associated with Penn State and those we serve.
  • The safety and security of all members of the University community are essential to a positive educational, workplace, and residential environment.
  • Faculty, staff, students, and administration working together create a foundation for greater accomplishment, including our commitment to the concept of “one university, geographically dispersed.”