A professor talks to a group of students using laptops at Penn State Brandywine.

Conclusion: from Plan to Implementation to Impact​

Penn State’s extensive, ongoing, institution-wide planning experience rivals that of any other major U.S. university. For more than three decades, Penn State has continued a commitment to strategic management both for the University as a whole, and for all academic and administrative units. This strategic plan extends that action- and impact-oriented approach.

Penn State is at an exciting juncture. We are well situated to advance our position among the world’s top research universities. This revised plan lays out the basis for action toward that end from 2016 through 2025. Penn State will continue to work with all its stakeholders to develop specific plans, programs, and initiatives that support the University’s mission, vision, foundations, and thematic priorities. These efforts will include identification of clear goals and metrics to assess when they have been accomplished.

As an extraordinary, 21st-century, global institution, Penn State has an impressive depth, breadth, and variety of collaborative talent across disciplines, along with tremendous resolve and energy. With all key stakeholders working together, the elements are in place for Penn State to dramatically extend its reach and impact through teaching and learning, research, and service.