Planning Resources

Since the 1980s, Penn State has engaged in long-term strategic planning to make careful, informed choices and to allocate resources appropriately.

In January of 2020, Units are to begin development of the next iteration of their strategic plans, intended to lead the Units into the year 2025. This process is outlined in a memo from Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas Jones. Additionally, each budget Unit has completed their Unit-level reflection reports, which are a starting point for Unit plan iteration and development.

These draft Unit plans will be due on July 31st, 2020, and will be entered into the new strategic planning system by the Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research during August of 2020. A feedback process will then occur on the Unit plans from various committees involved in the strategic planning process related to Unit plan linkages to the institutional plan. This feedback will be distributed back to the Units in early Fall semester, 2020.

As mentioned in the email update on possible extension for unit plans, if an extension is needed for your draft plans until September 15, 2020, please email

An August 7, 2020 email update from Provost Nick Jones outlines an additional extension option to November 15, 2020. If an extension is needed, please email Daniel Newhart, Assistant Vice Provost for Planning at by August 14, 2020.

Final Unit plans will be due December 21st, 2020, or, if requesting the November 15th extension, February 21st, 2021.

Since March 2019, we have been rigorously assessing institutional plan implementation via the Unit level strategic plans, strategic plan seed grant progress, strategic plan executive committee reports, and signature initiative data to date. To that end, we have produced several documents summarizing the assessment of the institutional plan, namely:

  • The institutional strategic plan assessment. This document examines the results of our institutional plan (2016-2020) to date and attempts to summarize opportunities for development in the institutional plan moving forward.
  • The revised institutional strategic plan. This document uses the data from the assessment and provides a data-informed set of changes to guide the extension of the strategic plan for the institution moving forward to 2025.

Additionally, there are resources available to assist Units with their plans, outlined below (you must have a Penn State email address to access these resources). We welcome feedback on these resources regarding their utility in the development of Unit plans. To provide feedback, please email

Each document contains a log of any changes made with a date stamp. The most up-do-date documents will be posted above, and those with Penn State email addresses should be able to access the resources.

Assistance with developing these processes and resources was provided by the Unit Planning Advisory Group, a task force comprised of members from a cross section of the University’s Campuses, Colleges and Administrative Units.

Some additional resources that can help units in mapping their plan to the university strategic plan foundations:

Feedback and questions can be submitted to, or call the Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research at (814) 863-8721.