Enhancing Health

Thanks to a seed grant supporting Penn State strategic priorities, University researchers hope to realize the promise and potential of big data to advance biomedical research by creating a Digital Collaboratory for Precision Health Research.

Transforming Education

A select cohort of Penn State faculty is investigating dynamic models for student engagement, breaking through traditional classroom instruction and redefining the meaning of transformative education.

Driving Digital Innovation

A group of Penn State researchers is developing a system — WearIT — utilizing wearable devices as tools to help individuals battle addiction.

Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources

A National Science Foundation grant totaling $1.2 million over three years has been awarded to researchers at Penn State and Cornell universities who are exploring how to most efficiently separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, so hydrogen can be collected and serve as a sustainable fuel source.

Advancing the Arts and Humanities

Projects by students at Penn State Behrend support local artists and cultural organizations.

Our Commitment to Impact
The Pennsylvania State University’s Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2025


September 9, 2020: Latest HumIn Focus episode examines history, complexities of American democracy

July 27, 2020: Water-energy-food research event to explore US-Colombian partnership

July 9, 2020: Penn State Holocaust Education Initiative receives lead gift, matching funds

July 6, 2020: New podcast engages research to improve the world’s ecological health.

June 26, 2020: Researchers receive NSF grant to develop novel immersive learning technologies.

April 27, 2020: Energy, environmental strategic planning community forums announced for May.

April 23, 2020: Penn State launched a University-wide water initiative in the fall to help elevate Penn State’s impact and prominence as a center of excellence in water. Faculty meeting on Water Initiative to be held May 11.

April 22, 2020: Penn State recognized as sustainability leader in global impact ranking.

March 25, 2020: Holocaust Education Initiative releases first set of free instructional materials.

February 7, 2020: Penn State University Libraries offers open, affordable textbook options to save students $4.8 million in potential costs through new Open Educational Resources initiatives.

January 27, 2020: Palmer Museum of Art premieres new exhibition of African art.

January 24, 2020: Penn State releases updated strategic plan and resources for unit planning.

January 14, 2020: On Campus Ambulatory Intensive Care (AIC): Becoming a Learning Health System:The Penn State Health experience.

December 4, 2019: Penn State Berks ‘Walks to the Moon’ to enhance community health with Penn State Lion Pulse.

November 11, 2019: Penn State Lehigh Valley unveils Campus Arts Initiative “Spotted Lanternfly: Zones of Syncopation”.

November 11, 2019: Penn State Behrend unveils Campus Arts Initiative’s “Colorwalk”.

November 5, 2019: Center for Immersive Experiences hosts technology Open House.

November 5, 2019: Penn State Harrisburg offers new fitness and wellness initiatives.

November 1, 2019: Campus Arts Initiative exhibition “Extended Sunset” at the Eisenhower Auditorium.

October 15, 2019: Campus Arts Initiative exhibition “Color Walk” at Penn State Behrend.

October 8, 2019: Campus Arts Initiative exhibition in Borland Project Space.

October 2, 2019: Penn State Shenango now offers a stress-free zone in collaboration with Penn State LionPulse.

Penn State’s University-wide Strategic Plan

During the past four decades, strategic planning has paved the way for Penn State to be recognized as one of the world’s great research universities. Penn State’s current strategic plan, titled “Our Commitment to Impact,” establishes and elucidates the University’s priorities and goals through 2025. The complete text of the plan is published on this website, along with content that explains how the plan is being implemented. Visit the Events page to learn more about upcoming opportunities to learn more about and engage in the strategic plan implementation process.