Unit Planning

Condensed unit strategic plans – including those of University administrative units, campuses, colleges, and schools – are available below via hyperlink or for download in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. For context, read the Strategic Planning Guidelines for 2014/2015 through 2018/2019.

Budget executives of Penn State’s strategic planning units are being asked to report on their 2014-15 to 2019-20 plans using the strategic plan reflection template. Reflection reports will discover what has been learned and accomplished since the unit strategic plan was implemented to June 30, 2019, and will be due on November 1, 2019. It will be a tool that can be used in the development/iteration of the next phase of planning.

In January of 2020, units are being asked to begin development of the next iteration of their strategic plans, intended to lead the units into the year 2025. These draft plans will be due on July 1st, 2020 and will be entered into the new strategic planning system, Nuventive (training for this process will be available in November 2019, along with a template for strategic plan entry).

Questions can be submitted to strategicplan@psu.edu, or call the Office of Planning and Assessment at (814) 863-8721.

Administrative Units