Engaging Our Students

Engaged students—those who establish relationships with faculty, take advantage of academic support services, and participate in student groups and co-curricular activities such as internships and study-abroad programs—are typically more successful than their non-engaged peers. Engaged students tend to develop stronger time management skills, manage distractions better, associate more often with affinity groups that reinforce success, sustain higher grade-point averages, and build stronger résumés for their post-Penn State lives.

Penn State will facilitate this co-curricular engagement for all of its students, across all physical campuses and the World Campus. The classroom (physical or virtual) is often where an education begins, but it cannot be where it ends. Penn State will promote and enable undergraduate and graduate student engagement in worthwhile, substantive, academic and non-academic activities outside of the classroom, including providing opportunities in student-run organizations and facilitating internships, community service, global experiences, and research with faculty. Our commitment to enabling and facilitating student engagement at all Penn State campuses will bolster retention and graduation rates, and reinforce engagement as a pivotal part of learning that, in turn, well-equips our graduates to succeed in the rapidly evolving modern workplace.