Engaging Our Students

Penn State will advance the power of participation and the spirit of innovation by connecting undergraduate and graduate students with engagement experiences that produce resilience and empower them to make a positive impact as citizens and leaders of the world.

Our commitment to enabling and facilitating student engagement at all Penn State campuses and the World Campus will bolster retention and graduation rates and reinforce engagement as an essential part of learning that equips our graduates to succeed in the rapidly evolving modern world.

Penn State will provide students access to meaningful experiences to enhance their educational journey in areas including, but not limited to, research, study abroad/study away, internships, student organizations, art and performances, community leadership, and service learning. By doing so, we help cultivate student growth in multicultural awareness, systems thinking, ethical reasoning, civic responsibility, and professional development. We are committed to providing access to these engagement experiences to all students with a desire to engage, explore, and grow beyond the classroom, regardless of their personal or family resources. Penn State students who capitalize fully on these opportunities will lead in building resilient communities dedicated to improving life for all.